A friend of mine just sent me a link to his landing page. It’s a really sharp landing page because he’s a really sharp guy.get?

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What’s more important to your clients price? Or speed, speed? Or price?

Because I meet a lot of business owners that spend a lot of time stressing out about their rates.

Am I charging too much?
What do I need to do to stay competitive, perhaps I should be pulling my prices down.

However, if you look at all the industries out there that are totally crushing it, it’s not about price. It’s about speed. So for example, if I’m feeling a little bit stressed out, I can hire a meditation expert and discover mindfulness, or I could pop a pill.

If I wanted to listen to some music, or watch the video, I can scour the interwebs for some free downloads, or I can sign up to Spotify or Netflix. So stop trying to find ways to pull your price down and see if you can find ways to help your clients get outcomes faster by boosting the speed because if you can speed things up, you will not be pulling your prices down. You will be pushing your prices up to match the value of the speed.

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Did you know there are four offer stages in a typical B2B deal?

Number One, there’s the offer that you make to open the door and start the relationship.

Number Two, there’s the offer that you make to book the meeting or the call.

Number three, there’s the offer that you make to sell your core product.

Number Four, there’s the offer that you make to sell your continuity product.

Yet, how many b2b business owners sit down set aside a little bit of time to craft one compelling, intelligent offer? Pretty much none. They chase clients, they jump on any opportunity and they have no way to upsell or down sell or keep the relationship hot.

One have to get the attention.

Number One, One have to get the attention

Number Two, often to book the meeting.

Number Three, offer to sell your core product.

Number Four, offer to sell your continuity product.

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Over the years I’ve been privileged to meet and interview a whole bunch of amazing entrepreneurs, people like Bill Gates, James Dyson, not that he’s an entrepreneur, but even the Dalai Lama. And I’ve heard it said that entrepreneurs are amazing risk takers.

I don’t believe that entrepreneurs are amazing risk takers. I just believe that they are better able to analyze the facts. Everyone else is governed by fear. And as my mother likes to remind me, every now and then fear is an acronym. It stands for false evidence appearing real.

So next time you’re presented with an opportunity, I want you to think like an entrepreneur, I want you to analyze the facts. I want you to de risk it, and I want you to stop being governed by that terrible word fear, because most of the time fear stands for false evidence appearing real.

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What’s your favorite strategy for opening doors and connecting with future clients on social media?

For me, I’m in the b2b space. So I love LinkedIn. But if you are going to reach out to future customers and clients, you’re going to need one thing, one very important thing. And that one thing is a gift of high perceived value to your target audiences.

A lot of people get caught up in push marketing. So what they’re doing is they’re pushing themselves, their product, their service on strangers, saying I’m better check out my competitive advantages and my features, and I’m awesome, and this is why you should work with me. But that’s never gonna work. I much prefer pull marketing.

That’s when you create something of high perceived value to your target audience and you say, Do you want this? And when they say yeah, that’s when you invite them into your world and that’s when the real conversation begins.

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Are you thinking of using a quiz as a way to generate leads? Please do not do this.

Now this is especially true if you’re in the b2b space. Maybe you’re a consultant. Maybe you run an agency. If you sell knowledge and expertise and you’re thinking, You know what, I’d like to try running a quiz as a way to generate leads and pre qualify leads. Please do not call it a quiz. It sounds really frivolous, and like it’s probably going to be a waste of our time. Don’t call it a quiz.

Instead, try some of these words diagnostic checklist, or even a pre qual diagnostic and checklist. If you selling a complex product or service it pays to let people know that you are serious that you are commercial that you are in the business of doing business.

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