Sales & Marketing Automation for Agencies

What are the TOP THREE things that agencies need from their marketing and sales automation?

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What tools do you use to COLLECT leads and pre-qualify?

If you run your own agency, do you leave your own marketing to last? As a bare minimum, you will need a Lead Gateway to collect the lead, an Email Campaign Builder to educate the lead and Diagnostic or 'Pre-Qual' Form to qualify the lead?

Elegant & Professional Lead Capture Gateways

As a marketing agency owner, it’s very easy to get self-conscious about your own marketing efforts.

This way of thinking will only slow you down. Your desire to stand out and be ‘truly  unique’ creates unnecessary pressure on you. And it's not what your clients want or expect. If you run your own agency, your lead generation strategies don't need to be complicated, just elegant

With, you can quickly create high-converting lead capture forms, pre-qualify the lead and then book the appointment using your own company branded booking page, in an elegant sequence. 

Build Trust with Email Sequences & Campaigns

Are you too busy doing work to win the work? Save time and build trust with email sequences.

On average, it now takes 7 hours of engagement and 11 interactions, across 4 locations, to sell a complex product or service. Our clients do it in far less time, with far fewer ‘touches’ using email sequences.

With,  you can now create automated email sequences to build trust and rapport, set reminders and stay top of mind!

Pre-Qualify Faster with the Diagnostic Builder

Get fully booked with the right prospects quicker. Inject a Diagnostic or 'Pre-Qual' form into your funnel.

Have you ever wasted a solid chunk of your time speaking with a ‘prospect’ who was never in a position to buy? Have you ever signed a client only to discover that they were the wrong fit? Arrrgh!

With, you can create intelligently structured pre-qualification forms, to collect data while positioning you as the best solution for future clients. Wedge these between a Lead Gateway and Booking form.

The Top 3 Marketing & Automation Rules for Marketing Agencies - PART#1

'Don't try to Compete with your Clients'

The marketing tactics and strategies that you apply to your own business don't need to compete (and should not try to compete) with the amazing marketing work that you do for your clients. 

As a marketing agency owner, it’s very easy to get self-conscious about your own marketing efforts, designed to promote your own business. You’re supposed to be good at this stuff, right?! 

However, this way of thinking will only slow you down.

Your desire to be ‘truly  unique’ creates unnecessary pressure on you

And it’s not what your clients want or expect.

This desire to ‘dazzle’ is one of the reasons why most marketing agencies are so terrible at marketing their own products and services. They hold themselves up to an impossibly high standard.

 And that's why agencies struggle to get anything finished.

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What do you do to BOOK sales meetings with future clients?

In your line of work, most new client relationships start with a conversation. Do you have a tool to Booking Meetings? How do you Elevate Anticipation before the meeting? What systems do you have in place to Follow-Up future clients after the meeting?

What's your process for booking meetings?

Do you have a company branded booking page?

There’s nothing worse than getting caught in a game of ‘email tag’ when attempting to set a meeting with a potential client. It’s time consuming and it’s a credibility killer! The longer it drags on, the more desperate you seem.

Make it clear that you are ‘in demand’ from the outset by inviting prospects to book time with you, using your own Company Branded booking page.

Do you build anticipation before a sales meeting?

Pre-selling and objection handling should happen here.

After you book a meeting with a future client, how do you elevate anticipation? How do you ensure that the lead does not postpone, reschedule or even ghost you? Make sure they arrive ready to play.

With, you can create Email Campaigns that deliver value before the meeting. That way, when the call happens, you’re both on the same page. After the meeting, do it again, and Automate Follow Up.

What do you do after the meeting? You follow up!

It takes an average of 5 follow ups to close a client.

It takes an average of 5 follow ups to close an agency project. Yet, most agency owners give up after just one follow up. If you promised to send the Prospect a Proposal, you must do that. If they asked you to connect again in a week, it’s your job to make that happen. But the more people you have ‘on the hook’, the harder this gets. Never drop the ball again!

With, you can set yourself Reminders & Tasks and automate common actions, like email reminders and Follow Up messages.

The Top 3 Marketing & Automation Rules for Marketing Agencies - PART#2 

'Know your Goldilocks Verticals'

The first rule of all marketing is to get clarity around your target audiences. 

This is advice that you give all your clients. 

But it is another area of sales and marketing that most marketing agencies struggle with themselves

You know that specialists always get to charge more. You know that it’s easier to find future clients if you can name them with crystal clarity. And it’s easier for others to refer you.

But, again, the desire to ‘dazzle’ and ‘stay creative’ often discourages specialization. 

The trick is, therefore, to isolate your ‘Goldilocks’ Verticals and use those as the focus of any deliberate, outbound marketing endeavors, while staying open to the opportunities that arrive organically.

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What happens AFTER you win the client? What then?

You have never truly 'won' a client until you deliver 'first value'. Do you have a consistent Onboarding Process? Do you have ways to consistently Boost Client LTV? How are you managing to Track Client Progress and keep the promises you made?

Get a consistent onboarding process

Create seamless new client experiences

Do you take notes when you sign a new client? Where do you store that? Do you have a way to monitor the needs of your existing clients as the relationship evolves? Most people don’t. They manage the onboarding process manually. Which is a big mistake. Automate onboarding!

With, you can create Sign-up Surveys and Email Sequences to automate onboarding. Get your clients to 'First Win' faster!

Create new offers for clients to boost LTV

It's 16 times more expensive to sign a new client.

Are you fully optimizing your existing network? With, you can create Cart Pages (to take payments), Registration Forms (to collect data), send Batched Emails (to test new offers) and introduce existing clients to Payment Plans. The easiest sales are those made to existing or dormant clients. Don't neglect opportunities already under your nose.

What's the most reliable way to lose a client?

The best way to lose a client is to not follow up.

Here’s the thing about client management. It’s very easy to forget what you promised, where you left things, who is happy and who needs some extra attention. This is not something you can manage using excel and notes in your leather-bound journal. Save those for finances and love poems! With, you can keep your clients alive and in love with you!

The Top 3 Marketing & Automation Rules for Marketing Agencies - PART#3

'Boost LTV with Automation'

It’s 16 times less expensive to sell something to an existing client than find a new one.

While Marketing Automation is usually associated with new business development, smart agencies acknowledge that technology can also be used to onboard clients consistently, help them get to ‘first value’ as quickly as possible and keep dormant agency relationships alive.

How many times have you accidentally re-connected with a past client only to discover that they need your assistance again? And how many times have you reached out only to to discover that they are already working with someone else. They have moved on. Ouch!

The most reliable way to lose a client is your ‘failure to follow-up’.

That is true before work and after the work is done.

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“Regardless of your technical ability you are going to get an end to end result. I was really amazed at how easy and complete it is."

- John Weichard,  Product Development Consultant

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I’m really new to this stuff. Can you help with strategy?

Great question! Technology is nothing unless you have a sound strategy to guide you. That’s why, in partnership with the B2B School, each plan is supported by a Strategic Training Pack. When you sign up to the STANDARD PLAN, you will unlock our ‘FIRST FUNNEL’ CHALLENGE training program. The PROP PLAN comes with our 90-DAY DASH PROGRAM, plus our EMAIL TEMPLATE swipe file. The SETUP PLAN comes with ALL THAT plus access to out Private Group Mentoring Calls. That way, you get the TECHNOLOGY and the STRATEGIC INSIGHTS you need to succeed.

What if I want to switch plans? Is that okay?

Definitely. Most users of B2B Dash start on the STANDARD PLAN and then graduate to the PRO PLAN. And, of course, if you want to start with the PRO PLAN or SETUP PACK and access the BONUS TRAINING and SUPPORT, you can downgrade from PRO to STANDARD later. We have no lock-ins, so you can upgrade, downgrade or quit any time. Just send us and email and we’ll make that happen!

If I don’t want to use B2B Dash anymore, can I export my leads and contacts?

Of course! This goes both ways. You can export and import contacts when using B2B Dash.

Can I use B2B Dash to replace my existing Landing Page Builder… or my Diagnostic Builder… or my Appointment Booking Tool… or my Payment Cart Builder… or my Payment Merchant… or my Email Auto-Responder Tool? Or my… hang on? You do all of those things, right?

Yes. There are MANY tools available to help B2B business owners, ranging from $30 a month… to $3,000 a month! With B2B Dash, you get access to all the most important tools, plus you can now monitor all the data in one place. That’s why we call B2B Dash the Ultimate Dashboard for B2B Client
Acquisition and Onboarding. It’s the complete suite plus a dashboard that can’t be beat.