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Do you need better ways to collect leads, pre-qualify and accelerate the client journey? With, you can now effectively capture, pre-qualify and book a meeting with the lead all in one place.

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The 3 Essential Tools for a Highly Effective B2B Sales & Marketing Funnel.

Collect Leads

Qualify Prospects

Book Meetings

Collect & Capture More Leads

What's a Lead Gateway? It's a ‘Hybrid’ Landing Page.

Not all ‘prospects’ are ready to buy, right now. Give them an easy way to enter your world. With, you can now create simple and elegant Lead Gateways. These are landing pages that collect more than contact data by exploiting 'game-layer' principles. Plus, they are super easy to create using the builder. Create pages in minutes.

Pre-Qualify & Elevate Authority

Build a B2B ‘Triage’ Quiz or Diagnostic.

Have you ever wasted a solid chunk of your time speaking with a ‘prospect’ who was never in a position to buy? Have you ever signed a client only to discover that they were the wrong fit? An intelligently structured Diagnostic will pre-qualify leads, while positioning you as the best solution for future clients, all before you meet.

Book Better Quality Sales Conversations

Create your own Company Branded Booking Page

There’s nothing worse than getting caught in a game of ‘email tag’ when attempting to set a meeting with a potential client. It’s time consuming and it’s a credibility killer! The longer it drags on, the more desperate you seem. Make it clear that you are ‘in demand’ from the outset by inviting prospects to book time with you, using your own Company Branded booking page

“Regardless of your technical ability you are going to get an end to end result. I was really amazed at how easy and complete it is."

- John Weichard,  Product Development Consultant

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Your questions answered

Can you do the setup for me?

Yes! The SETUP PACK is the most popular option for business owners who value the support and guidance of a specialist. For $997, a dedicated member of our team will do the heavy-lifting for you, starting with a PRIVATE FUNNEL MAPPING CALL (to devise your own personalized strategy), followed by a 90-MINUTE SETUP SESSION (where we build the essential ingredients of any highly successful B2B funnel).

This is your opportunity to build a lead-generating Landing Page, assemble a data-capturing Diagnostic, create am eyeball-grabbing Booking Form and launch your first trust-building Email Sequence. Plus, as part of this pack, you will also get 3 MONTHS of the B2B DASH PRO PLAN, valued at $297 a month, at no extra cost. (That’s $891, over three months). In other words, for a few extra dollars, you can get it done, and quickly, with the support of a specialist consultant.

I’m really new to this stuff. Can you help with strategy?

Great question! Technology is nothing unless you have a sound strategy to guide you. That’s why, in partnership with the B2B School, each plan is supported by a Strategic Training Pack. When you sign up to the STANDARD PLAN, you will unlock our ‘FIRST FUNNEL’ CHALLENGE training program. The PROP PLAN comes with our 90-DAY DASH PROGRAM, plus our EMAIL TEMPLATE swipe file. The SETUP PLAN comes with ALL THAT plus access to out Private Group Mentoring Calls. That way, you get the TECHNOLOGY and the STRATEGIC INSIGHTS you need to succeed.

What if I want to switch plans? Is that okay?

Definitely. Most users of B2B Dash start on the STANDARD PLAN and then graduate to the PRO PLAN. And, of course, if you want to start with the PRO PLAN or SETUP PACK and access the BONUS TRAINING and SUPPORT, you can downgrade from PRO to STANDARD later. We have no lock-ins, so you can upgrade, downgrade or quit any time. Just send us and email and we’ll make that happen!

If I don’t want to use B2B Dash anymore, can I export my leads and contacts?

Of course! This goes both ways. You can export and import contacts when using B2B Dash.

Can I use B2B Dash to replace my existing Landing Page Builder… or my Diagnostic Builder… or my Appointment Booking Tool… or my Payment Cart Builder… or my Payment Merchant… or my Email Auto-Responder Tool? Or my… hang on? You do all of those things, right?

Yes. There are MANY tools available to help B2B business owners, ranging from $30 a month… to $3,000 a month! With B2B Dash, you get access to all the most important tools, plus you can now monitor all the data in one place. That’s why we call B2B Dash the Ultimate Dashboard for B2B Client
Acquisition and Onboarding. It’s the complete suite plus a dashboard that can’t be beat.