May 11

Focus on the pain rather than the gain


Salespeople often solely focus on the benefits, features, and ROI of their product or service. However, they overlook a critical aspect of human behavior: our natural inclination to avoid pain.

Humans are four times more likely to make a decision based on avoiding pain than gaining something.

This knowledge can be used to your advantage by highlighting the cost of inaction. This is a powerful motivator because people are often more afraid of losing something than they are excited about gaining something.

In B2B sales, decision-makers often require a compelling reason to take action. By highlighting the potential pain of not taking action, salespeople can create a sense of urgency and make the decision to act more compelling.

For example, when selling a new software solution to a business, don’t just focus on the benefits of the software. Instead, highlight the potential pain of not adopting the solution. This could include the costs of continuing to use outdated software, the loss of market share to competitors who are using more advanced tools, and potential security risks associated with outdated systems.

Similarly, if you’re selling a consulting service, emphasize the potential pain of not addressing a business challenge or opportunity. This could include missed revenue opportunities, increased costs, or reputational damage.

In B2B sales, decision-makers are often focused on risk mitigation and avoiding potential negative outcomes. Highlighting the potential pain of not taking action can create a more compelling case for your product or service and increase the likelihood of closing the sale.


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