The team

the secret sauce behind the scene

Play a major role in shaping successful B2B businesses

We're proud to be a Saas company and B2B school, partnering with B2B entrepreneurs means not one day is the same. Meet and help genuine happy business owners who are experts at what they do and confidently make an impact on their industry worldwide! 

Simon & Johnny
James Tuckerman
James Tuckerman

Grow professionally and personally

If you prefer business the traditional 9-5 way, and like instruction manuals then please stop reading. We're all work differently, it's hard to sum up what the team is like. The one thing we do have in common  is the desire to grow and help each other grow. As long as you bring your A-game and see results, the world is your oyster. 

The crew members

James tuckerman

The Hipster / Co-Founder

John Englezos

The Hustler / Co-Founder

Simon Ogilvie-Lee

Simon Ogilvie-Lee

The Hacker / Co-founder

Paul Mallari

Paul Mallari

Client Success Manager

Eva Lau

Eva Lau

UX/UI Design Lead

Summits, webinars, training sessions and more

The perks

Grow & upskill

Our team is full of highly capable, happy, eager peeps, who happen to love to share! We also have weekly webinars, mentor training sessions, and courses of all types. 

Support & Share

Trusting each other to assist when needed is important to us. Share your ideas in the weekly catch ups, ask a question in B2B group or learning more in B2B School.

Work your way

Everyone has a life (Yeah, they do!) There is not one work-life balance that fits all and we respect that. See how we can live our best lives at work and home.

The experience

The team love what they do. It's plain obvious when your passion and profession lines up. 

Become part of a community

Joining B2B Dash will immediately connect you to multiple online community groups as you gain some authority in your field. 

Shape your future

Joining an established start-up means you can make a huge impact on the company and your career path. We’d love to share the experience .

Making an impact

"Just wanted to say a big thanks. Linkedin is exploding... 5 inbound potential clients yesterday... 190 pending contact requests. I now have to refuse coffee meetings, unless they book a 15 minute teleconference. And, then, it is a two week wait to get to see me. I now have TOO much work on. Thank you!"

Ben Cusack

"I've just experienced something I thought was never possible. A personal enquiry from a top CEO!! LinkedIn is a complete game changer for me and I am so grateful for your help to get on there and with what to say in my follow up messages. I am finally feeling like I am the prize. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Jo Crowley

"Last week, I got 5 new leads from people who opted in to my lead magnet, using my Dash lander, and I knew that I didn't need to do a thing because my email sequence is automated in Dash."

Louise Davis, Leadership Trainer

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