April 6

How to transform your meeting into something of high perceived value using AI

If you struggle to book meetings, then you need to reframe and transform your approach.

This is done by creating a product of high perceived value to your target audience.

We call these Appointments with Purpose (or AWPs).

Let’s face it!

Nobody wants to book a discovery call or a breakthrough session.

What?! Are you going to mine me for information? Or break my walls down?

And let’s move away from vague, self-serving propositions.


Reframe your meeting as something of high perceived value to your target audience.

One cool AI tool you can use to make this happen is Chat-GPT.

Chat-GPT provides quick and helpful answers which can help you narrow down what would be considered ‘high value’ to your target audience.

But here’s the thing – you need to make sure you’re using the right context and targeting the right audience, or else it’s just gonna be a big ol’ waste of time.

In the video I give you all of the helpful prompts I’ve created to help you achieve this!

(Or you can just get my prompt stitching cheat sheet here.)

So, let’s all start thinking about how we can make our meetings more meaningful and productive, yeah?

Watch the snippet from my recent ‘Chat-GPT for Marketing’ Webinar above!


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