June 6

How to create articles and content with EXTREME longevity


Opinions are overrated. 🙄 They’re like yesterday’s news.

But here’s the real deal: instruction is where the magic happens!

It’s timeless and oh-so valuable.

That’s why we’re flipping this opinion piece on its head and turning it into a kickass instruction piece!

If you wanna grab attention, create killer content that people will love in the long run, here’s the secret sauce: “How to.” Yup, those two little words are your golden ticket!

How-to pieces will always have the edge over boring old opinions, no doubt about it! 🎉

I learnt this lesson a very interesting way.

I had the opportunity to interview both Bill Gates and James Dyson in one day.

During the interview with Bill Gates, things took an unexpected turn. Picture this: he seated on a high chair, and me on a low chair, as he unleashed his opinions upon me. On the other hand, James Dyson approached the conversation a little differently. He asked me about our target audience and the problems they face, expressing his interest in finding solutions together.

This encounter taught me a valuable lesson: opinions may hold little value, but instructions have enduring worth.


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