January 31

Marketing Alliance Partnerships and Joint Ventures


As an entrepreneur, one of the most valuable skills you can have is the ability to create value where there was none before.

This is exactly what our podcast guest, Johann Nogueira, has done time and time again, making him a true expert in the world of business.

We sat down with Johann to discuss his background and current focus, as well as the powerful topic of Marketing Alliance Partnerships and Joint Ventures.

Johann has a diverse background in the business world, beginning with running digital agencies and migrating into the world of SAAS. He recently acquired seven new SAAS companies and is the founder of Business Authorities, which he created in 2018. However, his current focus is solely on his SAAS business, which he aims to grow to $10 million in the next two years with an exit plan of $100 million.

One of the key points Johann stressed is the importance of being aware of three types of customers:

  • Those who buy your products or services;
  • Potential investors; and
  • Partners who can resell your products or services and introduce them to their own networks.

Joint Ventures and Partnerships can be a powerful way to leverage your business and reach new audiences.

Johann also shares a personal story about his experience living in a technologically advanced apartment building, and how the experience taught him a valuable lesson about focusing on one thing in order for it to grow.

Overall, the interview provided valuable insights and advice for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business through partnerships and joint ventures.

Johann’s success in the SAAS industry and his experience in creating value where there was none before, make him a valuable resource for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

If you want to listen to the interview, it is on all major podcast streaming services as well as our Youtube channel.


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