August 29

Is TikTok for twerking? Or business?



I never thought I’d say this…


TikTok is fast becoming a super-powerful business development tool for…


Over 7 MILLION Australians are on the platform.

Over 80 MILLION American users are on the platform. And the MAJORITY (53%) are NOW over 30 years old. Yep, the MAJORITY (53%) of this MASSIVE audience are old enough to SPEND money with you.

#1 Get my ‘TikTok First’ Content Rhythms Content is still king.

And if you can learn how to communicate a message in under 60 seconds… Well… You can do ANYTHING. I’ve recently FLIPPED my content strategy on its head, adopting a TikTok First Content Rhythm. It’s become soooo much easier AND it’s soooo much more effective. If you want to a proven framework for creating and repurposing content, for less effort, secure your place.

#2. Get Informed, is TikTok worth your time? Should you bother?

I mean, there are multiple ways to grow a business competing for your time and attention. Is TikTok worth it? All I know is that I got in early with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and it paid off, each time, BIG TIME. I have no vested interest. I don’t have any ‘TikTok Training Package’ to sell you. I’ll simply be breaking down what’s working for me. And you can decide if it’s right for you.

#3. Get the ‘3-Step’ Automated ‘Off Ramp’ What the heck is that?!?

If you plan to use ANY form of social media platform for ‘business development’ purposes… You need an OFF RAMP. You might decide that TikTok is NOT right for you. But you’ll come away knowing what you need to know to succeed with EVERY social media platform. Yes, the platforms change but the rules largely stay the same.

In other words, this masterclass is not JUST about TikTok.

It’s about STRATEGY.


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