June 9

[REPLAY] How to structure your offer in B2B

If you work in B2B, your offer is more important than your product or service.

Here’s what we cover in this workshop: –


The second P is all about PRICING. It’s a tricky topic and worth tackling early. While there are many factors likely to influence expectations around price, we’ll be focusing on the MOST important. This one factor rules them all.

Do you price based on input or output?

#2. How to CHUNK DOWN to build the VALUE UP

How much of your time, your knowledge, your expertise do you give away just to maybe win a new client? And when you do start a new project, do clients always value your effort and input? Do they know what they are getting? 

Do you know what they actually want? 

#3. Why 3-PART PLANS outperform 1-OPTION PROPS

When you give prospects only one option, you are effectively giving them two. You are giving them the option to say, “Yes” or walk away. When you have plans the decision shifts to focus on the better option, rather than a straight ‘No’.

Do you offer options and terms?


Every prospect decision comes with a bunch of different perceived risks. The earlier that you can address those risks, the easier your sales conversations are likely to be. Plus, automated objection handling accelerates decisions.

Do you know the 7 risks that underpin client decisions?

#5. RE-FRAME your pitch to help CLIENTS CLOSE YOU

This, of course, is the Holy Grail of all sales and marketing, when prospects have been equipped to make the decision and are primed to sign before you ever have your first conversation. But it’s easier said that done.

And all this depends entirely on having clarity around your offer before you build out your funnel.


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