That’s a very prescriptive topic,,,

But think about it this way…

How much is JUST ONE quality client worth?

In the first month? What about the lifetime value?

What if you could get FOUR quality B2B clients in four weeks?

That’s one new BIG TICKET client every week?

Would that be good?

You betcha!

How’s that possible?

Here’s the plan…

On this Interactive Workshop…

I will be showing you how to…


…and from those 100 targeted leads…


…and from those 16 meetings…


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Are ascension models did I hear this all the time essentially, models are dead.

They don’t work for me because I’m in b2b. They don’t work in my industry because we sell complex big ticket products and services and ascension models are just way too complicated for us.

However, every client that has ever come into your world has gone on a journey and these days, the journey looks something like this.

Number one, they opt in to get a gift like a lead magnet.

Number two, they book a meeting with you or someone within your organization.

Number three, they introduced to a scaled back version of your core product, something that we call the high no brainer before signing up for your continuity product or service or a longer term project or a retainer.

These are all products. These are all offers. These are all in a sequence, where each one sells the next one, that there is an ascension model.

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If you ever find it difficult to explain what you do, and how you are different when meeting with a potential customer or client, here’s a little 32nd pitching technique that I think that you’re gonna dig.

It’s called the getti pitch, and it follows a three sentence structure. It goes like this, you know how target plus problem, what we do outcomes plus feelings, in fact, kickass example.

So it could run like this.

You know how service based business owners often struggle to articulate what makes them different target audience plus problem. What we do is we provide structures and frameworks so that they can pitch with confidence, outcomes plus feelings. In fact, recently at one of our live events, one of the attendees use the Gaddy pitch to introduce herself to the guy next to her and she made an $80,000 sale.

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So yesterday I shared a 32nd pitching technique called the Gaddy pitch. It was developed by my good mate Anthony Gaddy and I’m very proud to say that I came up with its name and now it’s taught in business schools across the planet. But somebody said, it didn’t work for them.

So here’s the structure, you know, how target audience plus problem, what we do outcomes plus feelings, in fact, kickass example. So, you know how b2b business owners often struggle to articulate the value of what they do, and what makes them different. What we do is we provide elegant structures and framework so that they can pitch with confidence.

In fact, that was an example just there. So this person said it didn’t work for them. If it’s not working for you, it could be that you do not have target audience clarity, which means that you don’t have problem clarity, which means that you don’t have offer clarity. If that’s the case, you don’t have a messaging problem. You have a business problem.

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Would you like to be a little bit more persuasive in your life and in your business?

If you would like to be a little bit more persuasive, I would like to give you my 12 principles of persuasion and influence to get my report.

All you need to do is leave me a comment and type. Yes. Or hells Yes.

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If you’re turning over less than $100,000 in your business, please just focus on these three things.

One person, one problem, one product, get target audience clarity, figure out their greatest headache, and then build your product around that one headache.

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