May 29

Unleashing the Power of AI: Creating Captivating Lead Magnets


How to use Ai to create Lead Magnets 🤯

Prompt 1: If I’m a [WHAT YOU DO] and if my target audience are [TARGET AUDIENCE], what are their top five business headaches?

Prompt 2: Please transform the above 5 business headaches into 15 different attention-grabbing headlines that include the words ‘how to’ (3 headlines per headache).

Prompt 3: Please provide five alternatives to this headline: [INSERT YOUR PREFERRED HEADLINE HERE] (use emotive, visceral language)


Please transform this headline [INSERT YOUR PREFERRED HEADLINE HERE] into a report (1,200 to 1,800 words) featuring a headline, an introduction, an index, five tactics and a conclusion. Each tactic should feature three parts – a paragraph summarizing the tactic, a ‘5 Step Action List’ and a ‘Recommendation’.


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