January 26

What’s the MOST likely way that you will lose a client?


What’s the MOST likely way that you will lose a client?

Is it being too pushy?

Is it coming on too strong?



Following up with potential customers is a crucial step in the sales process…

Yet many businesses fail to do so effectively. This can result in lost revenue and missed opportunities.

It takes five follow ups ON AVERAGE to close a typical complex sale.


Most business owners give up after just one follow up.

Why is that?

Do they fear the outcome?

What’s the worst a potential client can say?


Do they not have a system they use to follow up?

One of the main reasons businesses fail to follow up with potential customers is a lack of a system in place. Without a set process for tracking leads and making follow-up calls or emails, it can be easy for potential customers to fall through the cracks.

Even if a business has a system in place, if it’s not being used consistently, it’s not going to be effective.

If you need email templates to help your follow up game, check out this link.


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