December 2

What the heck is a CONTENT RHYTHM?!


Here’s how to get leads from TikTok even if you don’t have a massive following…

We call it our ‘Content Rhythm’

It’s basically a system we follow that makes everything so much easier!

After all….. SYSTEMS = SANITY

It’s also the framework that we use when sending emails in sequences or posting on social media generally.

Indeed, follow this formula over 6 weeks and you’ll never be short on content ideas.

  • Monday: Bust a Myth
  • Tuesday: Give a Gift
  • Wednesday: Tell a Story
  • Thursday: Deliver a Tactic
  • Friday: Call-to-Action

For the call to action (and the gift), refer people to the link in your bio.

Me, I have a ‘Toolkit’ that I keep adding to.

So, I can keep talking about the toolkit and keep sending new people to the link.

And no, you don’t have to do a silly dance or a lip-syncing challenge to draw attention to your page!


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