November 23

Use social media to attract attention


There are many tools you can use to generate leads:

  • Social Media Profile
  • Lead Capture Gateway
  • Follow up by phone or email

So… do you need a website?

Probably not.

If you sell knowledge or expertise…

Maybe you’re a consultant or a coach or an agency owner.

If you are turning over less than $300k a year…

It’s simply not a great use of funds.


There are better and more efficient ways to spend your money.

And most websites without a big marketing or SEO budget are ghost towns anyway!

That’s why we love… Landing Pages that Capture Leads.

We call these… Lead Capture Gateways.

Use social media to ATTRACT ATTENTION.

Then, point your new fans and follows to the link in your bio.

Collect the lead, follow up… Wham bam shazzam!!! It’s not that hard. 😊


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