March 15

Three ways to get Better Quality Leads


Generating high-quality leads is critical for any business’s success.

Without quality leads, it’s challenging to build a strong customer base and grow your revenue.

But how do you guarantee you’re getting high quality leads??

We have been successful in generating high-quality leads by using three effective strategies consistently.

Firstly, we focus on offering frameworks instead of boring ebooks.

Yep! No-one wants another long, boring ebook.

Instead… offer them something of value.

This approach has helped us achieve conversion rates of up to 41%, 36%, and 34%, making our lead generation efforts more fruitful. By offering valuable frameworks that our potential customers find useful, we can attract leads that are genuinely interested in our business’s services or products.

Check out one of our frameworks here.

Secondly, we use a lead capture gateway that harnesses the principles of gamification.

This approach helps us collect valuable data while providing an engaging user experience for our website visitors. The gamification elements make the process of providing information more enjoyable, which increases the likelihood of users completing the form and providing their details.

Wanna see an example of ours? Check it out here.

Lastly, we always ask for a phone number as a final step to filter out low-quality leads.

We’ve coined the term “scaredycat clients” for these leads who are reluctant to provide their phone numbers.

Why? If they aren’t willing to provide their phone number, then they will almost certainly be a waste of your time.

Asking for a phone number enables us to contact potential leads more efficiently and increases our chances of converting them into customers.

These three strategies have proven to be effective in generating high-quality leads for our business.

By offering valuable frameworks, using a lead capture gateway, and asking for a phone number, we have seen a significant increase in the quality of leads we receive.

So why not give them a try and see the results for yourself?


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