Are you thinking of using a quiz as a way to generate leads? Please do not do this.

Now this is especially true if you’re in the b2b space. Maybe you’re a consultant. Maybe you run an agency. If you sell knowledge and expertise and you’re thinking, You know what, I’d like to try running a quiz as a way to generate leads and pre qualify leads. Please do not call it a quiz. It sounds really frivolous, and like it’s probably going to be a waste of our time. Don’t call it a quiz.

Instead, try some of these words diagnostic checklist, or even a pre qual diagnostic and checklist. If you selling a complex product or service it pays to let people know that you are serious that you are commercial that you are in the business of doing business.

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What’s more important to you?

Money or Time?

Of course, it’s a trick question (kinda).

More time will give you more opportunities to bed down your systems.

And that’s the first step to generating more money.


More money is the ultimate liberator.

You can’t buy happiness but, sheesh, money makes life less stressful!


Here’s what 46 years on this planet has taught me…

If I can find faster, more elegant ways to do the things that I need to do…

Money will flow.

If I throw money at a problem and abdicate resonsibility…

The problem doesn’t always go away.

In fact, it usually gets worse.


Here’s the kicker…

What’s more valuable than Money or Time?

If you have this One Thing, you’re more likely to get both.

Watch the video to find out.


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B2B Summit Promotion – Get the offer here:

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Once upon a time, a typical ‘complex’ sale would be undertaken face-to-face, in a coffee shop or a meeting room. And every conversation would usually require multiple follow-ups. However, video conferencing tools, like Zoom, have changed all that, allowing proactive sellers to close as early as the first zoom call.

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