Did you know that the wrong content delivered at the wrong time can actually do you more harm than good?

I’m talking about the client journey from stranger to suspect to prospect to client, if it’s a stranger, don’t try and tell that stranger how you can help them talk about their headaches. Now the suspect is suspicious, they don’t quite believe that you can help them yet. So there’s no point talking about ROI or benefits or features.

Instead, share your process, share your path, explain how you’re going to get them from A to B, when someone has moved on from a stranger to a suspect to a prospect, then you can talk about the ways that you can improve their world. And finally, when somebody becomes an actual client, then you can talk about their bigger desires.

So when someone’s a stranger talk about their headaches when they’re a suspect, talk about their obstacles, when their prospects talk about their aspirations. And when they’re a client talk about their desires.

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