February 15

Need help pitching yourself?


The Gaddie pitch is a pitching technique that can help you explain what you do and how you are different when meeting with potential customers or clients.

The structure of this pitch includes three sentences:

You know how [target audience] often [problem]?
What we do is [what you do] to [outcomes].
In fact, [kickass example].

For example…

“You know how service-based business owners often struggle to articulate what makes them different? What we do is provide structures and frameworks so that they can pitch with confidence. In fact, recently at one of our live events, one of the attendees used the Gaddy pitch to introduce herself to the guy next to her, and she made an $80,000 sale.”

By using the Gaddie pitch, you can clearly communicate what you do, how you are different, and provide a tangible example of the results you can achieve for your clients, making it easier for them to understand the value you can provide.


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