October 27

How to Boost the Show Up Rate for Meetings with Prospects


You book a meeting with a potential client. Yay!

And then they don’t show up. Nooooo!

How do you fix that problem?

Elevate anticipation! Woot woot!

Nothing is more frustrating than when you book a meeting with a potential client, and they fail to show up.

Here are a few tips to prevent this from happening:

  1. Give the meeting a good name! It might sound simple but potential clients want to know what outcomes they are going to get before they commit.
  2. Have a delay with the countdown sequence. You don’t want to book people too soon or too far in advance. The Goldilocks period = no sooner than 3 days and no later than 14 days. If people think they can meet with you on the spot or really soon, they assume that you aren’t that busy. Position yourself as the prize. A delay of 3 days allows you to build ANTICIPATION.
  3. Bring the HUMAN element back into the meeting. If the potential client doesn’t feel like they know you, they will be more comfortable pushing you aside and cancelling or rescheduling. Include an image of yourself on the booking page and send them a Welcome Email 48hrs before the meeting with a personal story about you.


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