September 23

Stop trying to sell courses!


If you’re a Consultant, a Coach, a Trainer… Maybe you’re an agency owner?

If you sell knowledge and expertise… And if you are turning over less than $250k… Stop trying to sell courses!!

Focus on getting future clients on the phone and sell a bigger ticket service or package.

Think about it this way… If one client is worth $2,400 in the first month, you only need FOUR new clients each month to crack SIX FIGURES.

If you are selling a product or service for $4,800, that’s almost $20k a month. You will quickly pass $250k per year.

Or… You can spend months assembling a course, then try to sell it for $27, and you will quickly discover that getting enough traffic to make a real success of it is INSANELY hard!!!

Instead, have as many conversations as possible with REAL people, get to REALLY know your clients, their headaches, obstacles, aspirations and desires. And LATER, when you have a margin to mess around with, use that intimate knowledge to create a SLO. Yep, a Self-Liquidating Offer. And that’s because even the best course creators know that you don’t make money from courses. You just use those revenues to keep promoting the course, to offset the advertising costs.

It’s a break-even exercise. A course is not a money spinner. It’s just another way to sell the big-ticket services and packages you started with, but at scale.


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