December 15

Should I use Templates or Frameworks?


Cold Email Marketing: What do you prefer to use?

Templates or Frameworks?

If you want to send emails to people who don’t know you yet, the interwebs are littered with cold email templates.

Some are good.

Some are rubbish!

Either way, very few will reflect your unique style of writing or the personality of your brand.

That’s why we prefer frameworks.

The example in the video is a framework that we have used for years.

However, I’ve gotta give credit to Dan Martell, from SaaS Academy, for making it memorable! (Four Rs. Sweet!)

  • Research: Open with a personalized sentence. Show you’ve done your research.
  • Reference: To similar customer, situation or experience you have.
  • Reward: You have to give, to get. Provide value.
  • Request: Have an ask. The best ask is a reply. It trains spam filters.

If you want to see an example of one of my frameworks, click here. 😜


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