January 18

How to get better at Sales in 60 Seconds


The more I learn about ‘Sales’, the more apparent it’s become (to me) that TWO factors can change everything:

Certainty + Trust.

  1. Smaller promises get bigger conversions. Have you noticed that the more you offer, the harder it is to close. However, if you can distill your offer down to one ‘outcome’, your belief in the value you offer will grow AND so will the confidence in the buyer that you can deliver.
  2. Sales is not about relationships. Sure, it helps if you can quickly build a relationship but only because… relationships are a good way to build trust. But these days you can build trust without relationships and that’s the surest way to grow a scaleable business. Be clear (and therefore certain) about the outcomes you can deliver. Create a process (for funnel, for example) to build trust efficiently with maximum leverage. Trust starts before the conversation.

Certainty + Trust = Sales


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