June 6

How to book more meetings with future clients?


If you’re struggling to get future customers and clients to book meetings with you, here are a couple things that I want you to stop doing and one thing that I want you to start doing.

Number one, don’t reach out to people with no clear reason why they should meet with you, hey, let’s catch up and explore ways that I can take your money.

Number two, don’t call these things a discovery call or a breakthrough session. I don’t want to get on a call so you can mine me for information to sell me hada. Okay, I don’t want you to break through me. I don’t wanna be broken down.

Number three, not having some link that somebody can click to book a meeting with you to make it really really easy for them to find a spot in your diary.

Don’t do those three things. What should you do? You should give your meeting a name that outlines its purpose, and in doing so transforms it into a product.


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