May 23

Grow vs Get


A friend of mine just sent me a link to his landing page. It’s a really sharp landing page because he’s a really sharp guy.

The offer on the page was how to grow your business in three simple steps. Now, it’s this word grow that I have the problem with. It’s a really passive word. It’s very ambiguous when the reality is that your future customers and clients have a question in the back of their minds always.

And this question is, what will I get? Will I get growth? That’s a little bit vague. Will I get to 100k? In my business, that’s less vague. Will I get more customers? Will I get more clients? Will I get to seven figures? Will I get to eight figures and beyond? What do they get?

So next time you’re pulling together a landing page next time you’re putting a little bit of copy together, have a think about that unspoken Question in the back of the brains of your future customers and clients and always be answering that unspoken question. What do I get?


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