June 6

Ascension Models dead?


Are ascension models did I hear this all the time essentially, models are dead.

They don’t work for me because I’m in b2b. They don’t work in my industry because we sell complex big ticket products and services and ascension models are just way too complicated for us.

However, every client that has ever come into your world has gone on a journey and these days, the journey looks something like this.

Number one, they opt in to get a gift like a lead magnet.

Number two, they book a meeting with you or someone within your organization.

Number three, they introduced to a scaled back version of your core product, something that we call the high no brainer before signing up for your continuity product or service or a longer term project or a retainer.

These are all products. These are all offers. These are all in a sequence, where each one sells the next one, that there is an ascension model.


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