Part time/Full time

Geelong, ANZ, North America

Hi there! We’re looking for a Marketing Coordinator who can support one of our Co-Founders, John Englezos, across a range of sales and marketing activities, including: 

The Assembly of Funnels

  • Writing Emails in Sequences (based on Proven Templates)
  • Writing Guides & Short eBooks (listening to interviews, following our Templates)
  • Setting up Landing Pages (using common third-party tools)
  • Managing and Coordinating Freelancers (Designers, Video Editors etc)
  • Participating in Client Strategy Calls/Workshops (via Zoom) & Writing Reports
  • Liaising with clients and helping to manage John’s Inbox (Email & Social Media)

The person you will be supporting is EXTREMELY experienced and talented in the digital marketing arena. This is NOT an opportunity to ‘just earn some bucks’.

This is an opportunity to improve and strengthen your skills.

Furthermore, while the role will initially be project-based and then part-time, we hope to nurture this person into a full-time 2IC or client facing Account Manager role.


John is Co-Founder of the B2B Group, which is the parent company that sits above the B2B School (training and coaching), B2B Disputr (consulting and professional services) and our sales and marketing automation software,

You would be helping John manage consulting and professional services clients.

In addition to the responsibilities outlined above, it will be advantageous to the role if you are comfortable with basic Video/Podcast Editing and Design (eg. Canva).


This is for someone with a strong interest in marketing (funnel building, growth hacking), who has nascent copywriting skills (written communication is a natural strength), who wants to work alongside an experienced expert, and pursue a full-time career.

At times, you will be expected to speak with clients via Zoom and email.

As such…

This is NOT a job for an agency or career freelancer, who just wants to earn some money on the side. It’s NOT for someone who wants to hide behind a keyboard forever.

It’s a career opportunity for someone with big ambitious to be best in their field.

In order to make this happen, we are hiring on a project basis.


1. You will be asked to listen to an audio/video file (20 min)
2. Based on that, you will be asked to draft 1,800 an word doc

You will be paid by the hour to complete this trial project.

Examples attached. (Important: You don’t need to design the final doc. You will listen to an audio file and then draft a Word Doc. Examples all follow the same structure.)

If this sounds like you, in your response: –

1. Please tell us in the opening line, what is the color of the sky in your part of the world right now? (We do that to immediately eliminate any machine-generated applications.)

2. How long do you think it would take you to draft the 1,800 word doc based entirely on the wisdom and information delivered in the audio file (research is not required)?

3. What do the THREE attached samples have in common? Is there a formula that they all follow? What is that formula?

Thanks for reading this far and I look forward to your application!


Simon Ogilvie-Lee

Don’t ask me for my email.

See if you can track me down.