What’s your favorite strategy for opening doors and connecting with future clients on social media?

For me, I’m in the b2b space. So I love LinkedIn. But if you are going to reach out to future customers and clients, you’re going to need one thing, one very important thing. And that one thing is a gift of high perceived value to your target audiences.

A lot of people get caught up in push marketing. So what they’re doing is they’re pushing themselves, their product, their service on strangers, saying I’m better check out my competitive advantages and my features, and I’m awesome, and this is why you should work with me. But that’s never gonna work. I much prefer pull marketing.

That’s when you create something of high perceived value to your target audience and you say, Do you want this? And when they say yeah, that’s when you invite them into your world and that’s when the real conversation begins.

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Which one of these is most like you?


Let’s go…

The Veterans know something important.

They know how to actively ‘hunt down’ new opportunities.

The’ve been doing it for years…

They Hunt.

They Pitch.

The Deliver.

Then, they do it again.

(They Hunt. They Pitch. They Deliver.)

And then they do it again, and again, and again.

And, after a while, it can sometimes feel like it’s taking longer than it used to?

And the rush of Dopamine with each client win is never the same?

And a lot of the easy to execute ‘door openers’ no longer work?

And the whole process can start to feel a bit repetitive?

And kinda tedious?


What about the Lost Souls?

Unlike the Veterans, these business owners are more optimistic.

They might be new to business, they have ambitions to change things!

They might have been in it for years, but haven’t yet settled on a ‘rhythm’.

Most likely…

And more often than not…

Here’s what the Lost Souls have in common…

They haven’t yet figured out how to ‘unearth’ client opportunities.

The don’t know how to open doors…

They don’t know how to start the conversation…

They don’t know how to steer the conversation, and keep it alive!

The whole process makes them feel kinda lost, and a bit awkward.

And that’s no way to run a business (or lead your life).


What is the common ground?

What is the piece that both Verterans and Lost Souls haven’t yet figured out?

It’s the subtle disctinction between Push and Pull Marketing.

If you’d like to know what I’m talking about…

Watch the video! 🙂


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