May 13

Price vs. Speed


What’s more important to your clients price? Or speed, speed? Or price?

Because I meet a lot of business owners that spend a lot of time stressing out about their rates.

Am I charging too much?
What do I need to do to stay competitive, perhaps I should be pulling my prices down.

However, if you look at all the industries out there that are totally crushing it, it’s not about price. It’s about speed. So for example, if I’m feeling a little bit stressed out, I can hire a meditation expert and discover mindfulness, or I could pop a pill.

If I wanted to listen to some music, or watch the video, I can scour the interwebs for some free downloads, or I can sign up to Spotify or Netflix. So stop trying to find ways to pull your price down and see if you can find ways to help your clients get outcomes faster by boosting the speed because if you can speed things up, you will not be pulling your prices down. You will be pushing your prices up to match the value of the speed.


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