I was just speaking to a client of mine and they’ve got this great new idea for a startup the target audience is a horse trainers. Now, this is a business that’s involved in a professional services industry already.

But they’ve seen this opportunity to create something, there’s a gap, the markets there, be very easy to create an MVP. My recommendation for this person who’s on the fence was this. Make that audience the focus of your core business, so that you can build the list. Build the list of that audience so that when you are ready, if you do still feel like it’s a good idea of the Passion still there.

You’re not going to launch the crickets. Build the audience, then launch do not go by the Field of Dreams approach. If you build it, they will come no build the list, build the audience. Then you can test ideas with a captive captive audience and you won’t be launching to crickets.

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There are a whole bunch of reasons for having a content marketing strategy: It’s a hyper efficient way to get leads (without you chasing), you get to boost your authority (without the need to hype yourself) and, if released intelligently, you can accelerate client decisions.

That’s what this B2B Masterclass is all about.

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What’s more important to you?

Money or Time?

Of course, it’s a trick question (kinda).

More time will give you more opportunities to bed down your systems.

And that’s the first step to generating more money.


More money is the ultimate liberator.

You can’t buy happiness but, sheesh, money makes life less stressful!


Here’s what 46 years on this planet has taught me…

If I can find faster, more elegant ways to do the things that I need to do…

Money will flow.

If I throw money at a problem and abdicate resonsibility…

The problem doesn’t always go away.

In fact, it usually gets worse.


Here’s the kicker…

What’s more valuable than Money or Time?

If you have this One Thing, you’re more likely to get both.

Watch the video to find out.


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