Awesome! Your B2B Mapping Call has now been booked. 

What now? Read this ENTIRE page. Scroll down.


Make sure you set aside the time. Check your email inbox. Add the session to your work calendar now! Some people book their strategy call on a whim, sometimes late at night, and then forget they actually did it. Indeed, about 20% of people who book calls like this don't show up. Don't be that type of person. It's just plain rude! We want to help, but we're not much help if you don't show up to the call.


Watch the pre-call materials and other mini lessons. We only have 45 minutes, and we don't want to waste our time together talking about the basics. We want you to have at least a rudimentary understanding of B2B sales and marketing fundamentals. The worst case scenario is that you will be better informed when pursuing ALL your sales and marketing ambitions. Your education starts.... now.


Do your due diligence. Yes, check us out! There are a lot of cowboys and cowgirls (and cowbots!) in the sales and marketing space. Every call we host is designed to deliver outcomes... on the actual call. Indeed, we've hosted over 400 strategy calls over the last 3 years. You can find more information on how we do what we do here (Join our Facebook Group). Or just watch our pre-call video series (below).