more leads while building trust.


with future clients on autopilot.


prospects into better quality clients.


If you sell a complex product or service, leads always come before sales. The top of a typical B2B funnel will feature three stages: Collect the Lead. Qualify the Lead. Book a Meeting. That’s why B2BDASH features three essential tools for achieving each of these exact three outcomes.


When it comes to collecting leads, our simple and elegant opt-in forms have proven to outperform typical landing page formats and templates because they are distraction free, they harness gamification principles and they reflect the specific needs and expectations of B2B decision makers.

PRO TIPS: When running any sort of lead gathering campaign, it helps to always ask for a phone number. Why? Because people who are willing to provide a phone number are generally more successful.


As another way to collect leads, a Diagnostic is a lead capture tool that also can be used to gather data and pre-qualify prospects, while building credibility. Unlike a standard survey, a diagnostic can be used to ‘diagnose’ a problem. A Checklist is usually provided as a helpful way to revisit a process or self-evaluate. 

PRO TIPS: The hardest aspect of any Diagnostic campaign is getting a prospect to actually start the Diagnostic. But when they start, there is a greater than 80% chance they will finish it.


When you need to book a meeting with a prospect, what do you do? Organize a phone call to arrange a time? Or do you send emails back and forth until you can both find a time that works? Ugh! The B2BDASH booking feature allows you to send a simple link to a prospect, providing them with the opportunity to easily book a time with you. You become the prize.

PRO TIPS: Give your prospect meetings a name. That is the first step toward creating a ‘high-value’ product for prospects. No-one wants a ‘Discovery Session’. Give them an outcome focussed planning session or strategy call. 

booking system


How long does it take for prospects to make decisions in your industry? Does it sometimes take weeks or even months? And how many times do you need to ‘connect’ to keep deals moving forward? The surest way to lose a deal is a ‘failure to follow-up’. The surest way to make sure you don't forget, is through automation.


After a new lead has opted-in to your database (usually in order to receive a Lead Magnet) or after someone has completed your Diagnostic, how do you intend to follow-up and deliver on the promises you made? With B2BDash, you can automate email follow-up, drip feeding emails in a sequence, until a goal is achieved.

PRO TIPS: Some new prospects won’t feel the need to book a meeting with you when they first enter your funnel. The need might not be strong or they do not trust you yet. Drip fed emails can be used to educate and re-invite prospects to meet with you.


Most complex sales require multiple touch points and not all of those touch points will happen (or should happen) via email. By using B2BDash to set reminders, you can complement your automated email follow-up messages with phone calls, SMS messages or ‘social taps’. 

PRO TIPS: There are many ways to connect with prospects. Having a variety of connection methods will ensure that you get through.


What do you do after someone books a meeting with you? Do you have a process for building anticipation before that meeting? What about after someone pays you a deposit or signs a contract or booking order? Do you have a process to automate the onboarding process and delight new clients in a consistent way?

PRO TIPS: The best time to sell something is AFTER someone has bought something. Wha!?  “Would you like fries with that?” What upsells could you incorporate into your onboarding process?


A typical B2B business will issue invoices. That might be the most sensible and logical form of payment collection in some industries. But, depending on the size of the order, getting paid ‘upfront’ is fast becoming the norm. The B2BDASH PRO PLAN provides the functions of a Merchant and a Cart and an Onboarding system.


How much time do you spend issuing invoices and chasing payments? What is the ‘distraction’ cost when a client fails to pay their invoice on time? With B2BDash you can take payments upfront. This is particularly useful for the sale of something we call a Product for Suspects.

PRO TIPS: Have you ever considered packaging up your knowledge and selling this pack as a product? What about charging money upfront for a strategy call or meeting?


Do you know the best type of revenue? Recurring revenue! Indeed, the most profitable types of business normally have some sort of recurring revenue product in place. Do you know what type of recurring revenue is the most attractive to investors or anyone interested in one-day buying your business? Automated recurring revenue.

PRO TIPS: Does your business offer ongoing support? Do you have a membership level? What options are available in your industry to  include recurring revenue payments as 


How many new business leads does your business attract in any given week or month?

Do you know?

How many of those leads are ‘quality’ leads?

Any idea?

How many of those leads book meetings?

What’s your conversion rate? 

Do you know how many of those prospects actually become clients?

Even more importantly...

Do you know how many leads, bookings and sales you LOSE in any given month? 

Do you know how many slip through your fingers?

You can’t improve what you can’t measure, right?

B2B Dash provides all the most important metrics in one place.

Plus, by combining lead capture and automaton tools, it’s a massive time-saver too! 

Why the name B2B Dash? It’s a dashboard.

And it helps you get outcomes faster.