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Want to see how we booked 41 MEETINGS with very interested prospects in just 14 DAYS without spending ONE SINGLE DOLLAR on advertising?  

We call this process...

The EEEK Method™?

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Get in front of actual Decision Makers

Start Conversations that lead to quality Meetings. 

Book sales conversations with Very Interested Prospects.

And do it without spending the big bucks on ads or pestering strangers via DM!

"I just had my best month ever. Plus, I signed my first international client! Borders have become meaningless. My potential client base has exploded, thanks to your training.” Kath Walters


Can you see this picture below?

That's a bricked up wall.

And, yes, it was once a door.

That's what sales and marketing in B2B is like now.


The reality is that most of the strategies that once worked have now been BRICKED UP

They no longer work.

Here's an idea...

STOP trying to BUST DOWN those BRICKED UP doors!


Create a world where future clients and partners are ATTRACTED to you, like a magnet.

Did you catch that? 

Create a world where YOU become THE PRIZE.

* Only 100 spots are available for this webinar, so claim yours now! *

Robert Goudie runs a business where most new client relationships start with a conversation. Robert applied some of our automation tactics, then said this...

"I'm loving it when a prospect has gone through my funnel and they're pre-sold before I even start to talk!"


What strategies do you have in place to open doors and start conversations? Are you still cold-calling strangers? Sending unsolicited emails? There are better ways to find and connect with 'Very Interested Prospects'.


#1. Getting Attention. Creating Urgency.

Getting a future client to give you their time and attention is a big deal.

They need to meet with you, to learn about your process, to share their goals, to actually consider the options and, then, to finally make a decision.

That's hard work!

When you come in cold, pushing the conversation forward, you come across as needy. You've already started on the back foot.

PRO TIP: Give them a reason to 'volunteer' their time and attention. Pull them toward you. Don't push.

#2. Lack of Trust. Coming on too strong.

What is the best way to suggest or 'pitch' the idea of a meeting? 

Is it a cold email? The first phone call? Immediately after you connect on Social media? Nooooo!!!

You're ideal clients are time-poor. They are discerning about who they meet with. That's why...

It pays to have a process in place to 'open' the conversation and train the prospect before you make the offer.

PRO-TIP: You wouldn't ask a stranger to marry you on the first date? It's the same in B2B sales and marketing.

#3. The 'Comfortable' &  the 'Familiar'.

It's often said that 'complex sales' is all about 'personal relationships'.

No. That's wrong.

It's about 'trust'.

In the past, starting a personal relationship was the fastest path for building trust. Not any more.

Trust can now be built by delivering value even before money has passed between hands.

PRO TIP: What systems do you have in place to manage, coordinate and automate 'trust' building? 

Are you struggling to connect with hard-to-reach business decision makers?

The EEEK Method has now helped THOUSANDS of B2B business owners (just like you) to...

Get in front of actual Decision Makers, start real Conversations that lead to quality Meetings, and... 

Stop resorting to Sleazy or Pesky Outbound Tactics!

This training is FREE but only while places are still available.

* Only 100 spots are available for this webinar, so claim yours now! *

Nami Clarke runs a marketing agency. She was finding it difficult to book meetings with the right people. This meant she was undercharging and struggling to close...

"I went through the process you teach. Not only did I close the next TWO sales calls with new clients (without an ounce of ‘sales pressure’), I made a record sale for my business! I doubled my rates. It was my biggest client spend, ever." 

Nami Clarke - Copywriter B2B Dash Happy Client

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* Only 100 spots are available for this webinar, so claim yours now! *


Your time is precious. I get it.

And you're probably thinking...

"Is it really worth spending two hours on a webinar?"


How many deals and clients and opportunities have you missed out on simply because you didn't know what you were doing? Too many? 

How many times did a decision drag on because you didn't know how to steer the journey, the conversation had no structure, you didn't elevate anticipation before the meeting?

How much time have you wasted, chasing, chasing, chasing the wrong type of people, people who can't afford you, people who were never going to become a client?

It's getting hard and harder to grab and hold the attention of future clients. And when it's time to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, more often than not, you only get one shot.

Make that one shot count. 


This is an investment in yourself, in your business, in your future success

James Tuckerman, Co-Founder -